Lokscroll Scroll Frame (sold out)

Lokscroll Scroll Frame (sold out)
Item# lokscroll
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Product Description

Artisa Design

Sewless Fabric Attachment

Easy scrolling & tightening without touching the fabric

Richly finished red oak sidebars

Maple and birch knobs and rods

forged stell hardware

Lokscroll employs a unique cam-action fabric attachment system that allows fabric to slide back and forth in the slot for adjustment purposes.

Once torque is applied the fabric tries to rotate and pull the element out of the slot; but the torque also causes the element to rotate into the inward leaning slot walls. As more tension is applied, the    fabric is simply bound tighter; but the contact area within the slot is relatively large, thus eliminating the possibility of fabric damage.

This works on the same principle as a seat belt or