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Anchor Tapestry wool Yarn (11 yard skein)
Tea Party Christmas Stocking Crewel Kit
Bohemian Paisley Embroidery Kit (New! for 2015)
Cresting the Hill crewel kit (In Stock!)
The Jacobean Idyll crewel embroidery kit (New! for 2015)
Shepherd and Shepherdess Pillow needlepoint kit (Erica Wilson)(In Stock!)
Believe In Your Dreams Embroidery Kit (New! for 2015)
Ever After Embroidery Kit (New! for 2015)
Tribal Medallion Stamped Embroidery Kit (New! for 2015)
Anna Maria Horner Fanfare Needlepoint Kit
Anna Maria Horner Sketch Book Needlepoint Kit
Anna Maria Horner Heartbeat Cushion Needlepoint Kit
Blue Tits embroidery kit (In Stock!)
Floral Concerto Crewel Kit (New! for 2015)
Bullfinches embroidery kit (In Stock!)
Hibiscus and Columbine Pillow crewel kit
Cambridge Sampler crewel kit
Magnolia and Morning Glory crewel kit (In Stock!)
Floral Silhouette Candlewicking Kit (New! for 2015)
Jacobean Candlewicking Kit (In Stock!)
Garden Expressions Candlewicking Kit (New! for 2015)
Cross Stitch & Needlework Magazine - Summer 2015
A-Z Of Crewel Embroidery book (New! for 2015)
Leopard ZigZag Pillow Needlepoint Kit
Blue Ikat Pillow Needlepoint Kit
Medallion Pillow Needlepoint Kit
Yellow Ikat Pillow Needlepoint Kit
Chevron Pillow Needlepoint Kit
Rhythm Simple Quilt Kit (New! for 2015)
Indigo Simple Quilt Kit (New! for 2015)
Remix Simple Quilt Kit (New! for 2015)
Cabana Simple Quilt Kit (New! for 2015)
Parade Simple Quilt Kit (New! for 2015)
Pewter Tulip Chatelaine (includes scissors)
Stork Pewter Chatelaine (includes scissors) (In Stock!)

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